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calgary tower

Calgary Alberta is home to many interesting tours and exciting tourist attractions that are of interest to visitors and locals alike. There is certainly enough to keep a tourist interested for several days, but if time is short you can still make the most of a spare couple of hours.

Below, we have narrowed your options down to the absolute best Calgary tours and attractions.

Calgary Tours

Brewster Sightseeing Excursions

One stop shop for all tours in Calgary and the Canadian Rockies, accompanied by interpretive drivers on luxury motor coaches with large viewing windows. Calgary city tours, plus tours to Banff and Lake Louise, Jasper and the Columbia Icefield, all departing from Calgary. If you are staying in Banff, or at a Lake Louise hotel, or even at a Jasper hotel, you can end your tour at any of those destinations, making it an efficient way to combine a tour and transfer into just one journey!
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Tel: 1 800 760 6934

Calgary Attractions

Calgary Zoo

Superb facility and well worth a visit for the Canadian section alone! Beautiful gardens and good restaurant facilities.
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1300 Zoo Rd NE, Calgary, Alberta
Tel: 403 232 9300

Glenbow Museum

One of the largest museums in the country and a ‘must see’ for anyone interested in the culture of western Canada.
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130 - 9 Avenue SE, Calgary Alberta
Tel: 403 268 4100

Calgary Tower

A Calgary landmark since 1968. Outstanding views of Calgary and the Canadian Rockies from 525 feet above the ground.
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101 - 9th Ave SW, Calgary Alberta
Tel: 403 266 7171